9E in Budapest 18.-22.5.2015

Our epic journey started early in the morning at the Vaasa Airport. First we took a plane to Helsinki, where we took the connecting flight to Budapest, Hungary. We landed safely and the weather was reeeal nice!

We met our guide at the airport and took a long sightseeing tour around the city of Budapest. We took a bus up the Castle Hill, where the view was amazing! After the tour, we went to get something to eat. The diner was a horrible experience. We ate some pepper chicken with white rice. It was just not really good.

After we had some Soviet Union pepper chicken, we arrived to our hotel. We unpacked our bags and got some rest. After few hours we went to Burger King. The food there was a lot better than our previous meal. We also went to the legendary supermarket, TESCO. We also visited a local second hand clothes store.

In the evening we went back to our hotel. We spent some time in the lobby, because it was the only place where there was a WI-FI connection. After that we went to our own rooms and got some sleep.


In the morning after we ate breakfast we went to a village called Szentdre. There were beautiful streets and valleys. It was by the Tonava river. It had many souvenir shops. For example salai salailaadigo. then we went bobsled and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!! and we were supperfast!!!

After that we ate at Reneseanse Restaurant. There we got Queens and Kings among us. ;))) Then we went to a shopping mall and we shopped a lot. PULL&BEAR<33333333 And that was our beautiful tuesday.

Allday was very warm and sunny and everyone was sweaty.


The day started with a breakfast at the hotel. Then we travelled with a metro to visit a spa where the ones who wanted spent a few hours. Meanwhile others visited an old church nearby, that was caved into a rock. Both the spa and the church were breathtakinly beautiful.

Once everyone were ready we walked to the Donau river and crossed it with a ferry. We walked by the house of parliament and ate in a McDonald's. After eating we went back to our hotel and put on our best clothes to get ready for a dinner cruise at the Donau river. The cruise lasted for about two and a half hours. During the cruise we ate pepper chicken and other things. After eating we went up on the deck and took a lot of pictures. After the cruise it was time to go back to our hotel and go to sleep.


First we ate breakfast, which wasn’t really good. Then we headed to the Hospital in the Rock. It was a hospital during the second world war. It was a bit scary, but it was really fascinating. The only down side was that there was really cold, because it was basically in the basement.

Then we just walked around the castle hill and then we went to a café for lunch. The food was okay and there was a really good looking waiter, who had a very good butt. Then we had a little bit free time and some of us visited the Hard Rock Café.

We were supposed to go to the zoo, but it was raining so hard, that we had to cancel that. Instead we went to buy some chocolate from Tesco and then we went to change our wet clothes before we went to a big shopping center, where we used our last forints.

After that we went straight to a fancy restaurant, where we ate “DELICIOUS” pepper chicken. We said goodbye to our amazing guide, Monica, who we are really grateful for. After that we went back to the hotel, where we had a great time with our whole class. (and finally without the stupid guys from Oulu.) Before we went to bed, we had to pack our things, because we had to wake up early.

The awakening was very early in the morning - rooms were already cleaned last night. The buss waited in front of the hotel, and we jumped in with our luggages. The trip to the airport was quite short, and transition from the buss to the airport was quick, 'cause we didn't want to pay extra to the buss driver.

At the airport we seeked our tickets and moved righ to the check in. After check in we had a security check and a little time to do some Taxfree shopping, because we had so much Hungarian forints left. After shopping we went eat pizza to the nearest "deli".

Flight to Helsinki started off soon and didn't last for too long. We had no problems with it. At the Helsinki the change was quite quick, and we didn't have time to do any shopping. The flight left on time and there was a little bit turbulence on our way home. About an hour, and we were back at Vaasa, where our families welcomed us warmly.